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If I have an SAT fee waiver, do I still have to pay the late-registration penalty?

2010-09-12 in SAT Prep

A student emailed me a few days ago asking me whether she would still have to pay the late fee for registering late for the SAT even if she had a fee waiver. I did a bit of research (I’ll ask my students as well), and the answer seems to be… Yes. Yes, you still have to pay the late-registration fee for the SAT, even if you have a fee waiver (not a “free waiver,” as I’ve heard some people call it :) ).
If you have specific experience with this situation, please post in the comments to let us know what happened with you!

How does the SAT fee waiver work? How can I get one?

2010-09-12 in SAT Prep

Short answer: Ask your school counselor for a fee waiver. Then, when you’re registering for the SAT, enter some numbers in the online registration form.

More information: First, to get a fee waiver, visit your high school guidance counselor. She or he should be familiar with the process and will give you a card with some numbers on it.
Second, when you go through the long process of registering for the SAT, and you finally arrive at the payment screen, you’ll see an option similar to this (I’m giving a summary here; I don’t want to get on the wrong side of College Board!):
Do you have a [sic] SAT Fee Waiver: Yes   No
And if you click the tooltip (the little i (for “information”) image), you’ll see information telling you the following: Read the rest of this entry →

How much is the late-registration penalty for the SAT?

2010-09-12 in SAT Prep

The short answer: $24.  The fee for registering after the deadline is $24, which of course is added to the regular $47.00 fee; 24 plus 47 is 71, so the total you’ll need to pay is $71 (assuming of course that you don’t have a fee waiver).

If you register after the deadline for the SAT, then you’ll have to pay a “late fee,” which, as of this writing, is $24. If you have a fee-waiver, you’ll still have to pay the late-registration fee. Read the rest of this entry →

Identifying sentence errors: In a lawsuit…

2010-09-08 in English, Grammar, Vocabulary, SAT Prep

Try this practice SAT question:

In a lawsuit involving a woman whose nightgown and robe were ignited by an open-flame gas heater, the United States Court of Appeals held that that accident did not violate existing statutes and that their complaint was therefore moot. No error

The best answer is Click to show

Do already know the word moot? If so, great! If not, click here to learn more about the word moot.

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