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Thread: ESADE Admitted Student

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    ESADE Admitted Student

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    I am soo excited about going to ESADE!!!
    I found out this Thanksgiving and it totally made my holidays.

    Even thought my GMAT was very average 640, I had a good application, great recommendations, a great interview, I speak a few languages and it helped that my undergrad was at NYU. I think the one thing I consistently heard from European admin people is that you really need to stand out on your apps. Everyone who is applying to top tier schools sound basically the same: great company, great grades and great GMAT. So the question is what makes you differant? One alumni at IESE said the best part of his app was when he bought an old house and the entire summer worked on renovating it. That's cool and differant. In my case, they loved the fact that I am super creative. I dance, write poetry, draw, and play the piano, which actually helps me in my job on a day-to-day basis. Since it's a Spanish school they thought the fact that I dance flamenco is very cool. ( I am not Spanish).

    The only 'ouch' point with the school is the tuition. It's 52.000 euro which does not include living expenses. Now I have to figure out how to finance this, but school does really helpful when it come to financial aid.

    I hope this help!

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    congrats on being admitted! I always wanted to attend NYU and got offered to attend for the spring semester but I kindly turned it down (what a dumb mistake!) all in all congradulations

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    Hoping you have completed your MBA, I want to know what is your feedback on ESADE. as a school, faculty quality, value addition, prospects of jobs in US etc ..I am joining ..at least thinking of joining their Master of research in sept 2011.. could be tell me how ur experience was?! will help me make the decision!

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