Dear friends:
I am a Chinese senior high graduate who is going to study at U.S. the following fall.
I am really into sciences, especially maths and chemistry. I learned from the Internet that UCB's maths department is better than UCLA's while the applied math major is lower. I haven't had the clear ideas for my graduate career but I am determined to be a new-energy researcher who endeavors to explore new kinds of energy for humans in the future(A little bit too grand, I concede). Thus I just wanna study some practical knowledge, such as applied maths, during my undergraduate career to sorta "charge" for my future.
I may learn chemistry in the potential graduate school. But economics, accounting or finance are also probable. I am really not so clear with my graduate career, so just as the title implies, which one should be better for me? BTW, please give me some advice on what to do in collegiate career as well as the direction in the future.
Thanks for everybody's help and I do appreciate that! Seek helps soon!