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Thread: GRE Score Q170/V157, where to apply

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    GRE Score Q170/V157, where to apply

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    I've recently evaluated a PhD in (Micro)Economics to be one of relatively few likely-to-be-optimal options.
    My background: graduated Cambridge math (very mixed grades - they weren't my top priority back at the time); IPhO participant (HM); 1 year of real work experience in management consulting (mostly analytical stuff, optimisation, development of new software to handle larga data streams and then optimise pricing/offers); 1 year of Physics (before doing Math) in a rather random university (top grades).
    Made a rushed decision to take GRE a week ago (in order to have a larger set of options and some feedback on where should I improve to score better next time - spent only a few hours preparing) and did get Q170/V157, still waiting for the AW part.

    Now, i think it's the first time I am really making a mature decision based on all my prior experience and on what I think would be best and most interesting future prospect. Previously I was only searching for extra experience which would then allow me to make such decision with sufficient certainity. Therefore, I think I am quite motivated and, actually, am not rushing to apply anywhere necessarily this year. I need some advice on how to best plan my following few years in order to optimise my abilities to contribute to the research.

    Thank you very much!

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    You're looking to apply to PhD in Micro Econ?

    You should first read the FAQ http://www.urch.com/forums/phd-econo...l-threads.html

    then you could if you still had questions post your profile for evaluation (in the econ section) in a new thread with the following format:
    Type of Undergrad:

    Undergrad GPA:
    Type of Grad:
    Grad GPA:
    Math Courses:
    Econ Courses (grad-level):
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level):
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation:
    Research Experience:
    Teaching Experience:
    Research Interests:
    Applying to:

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