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Thread: Chances of Being Accepted......

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    Chances of Being Accepted......

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    Hey all

    Sooo I just got some scores back and whatnot..... Just wanted to see if you think I have a shot at getting into University of Southern California, University of Miami, and/or University of Rochester (I'm considering Rochester mostly for its dual-degree program with Eastman....), and also, are there any other colleges that you suggest...? I feel like the search could be endless. I'm a competitive student but also a competitive musician...

    Just finished my Junior year.

    -SAT I: 2080 (I didn't study for it, should I retake or keep it??)
    -SAT II's (I took them just in case):
    US History: 720
    Math Level 2: 660 (....ouchies, I know. I'm taking Calculus BC next year, if that makes up for it...? >.< )

    -Class Rank: 5th
    -GPA: 4.9 weighted, but I think it's supposed to be weighted 5.0 because the band I'm in became an honors placement class and that credit was applied at the end of the school year for both semesters... Anyways, it's an unweighted 4.0/straight A's (that's how it works, right?).

    -Extracurriculars: National Honors Society member for a semester; historian, secretary, and academic commissioner for my school's Junior Classical League (Latin Club!), and musicmusicmusic. I run my own jazz combo, which has gigged locally and also won some awards in competition; marching band for 4 years--I'll be assistant drum major next year; band (both jazz and wind ensemble) all 4 years of high school. Also, I participated in the California all-state honor band and two all-southern California bands (the top groups for both wind ensemble and jazz).

    -Intended Major: .....Undecided...... I'm thinking music, medicine, law, or some dual major or combination...?

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    It looks like you'll have a good chance of getting into USC if the rest of your application is good. I am not familiar with the other schools, so I don't know about those.

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