hello, i got a weird idea, but surprisingly it sounds right , but i need more opinions on that

before i was admited in university (accounting and finance) we (me and my pals studying same time) used to rate the departments according to what we want and what is practical

for example accounting was top in our choice while economics were not, with the simple logic of "if you break into auditing you are fine, while from economics you must fund masters and phd early on"

but now i have passed first year, i came to see that it doesnt really matter which field of business you study , as long as you are doing something applicable

i mean, we can divide all economists jobs in auditor/accountant, financial analyst/investment analyst, manager

well manager you become from all, after some experience in your field and possibly with an mba so its out of question

now auditor accountant depending on your country, u will have to take extra courses for a professional body (in my country there is acca in america cpa and so on)
i mean, in my school, economics have 1-2 financial accounting lessons and thats it, (while we have 3 financial, 1 managerial. 1 cost, 1 ifrs.... so on) but in the end we will both sit for acca if we wanna become auditors, possibly it will be a lot easier for me since i will be more experience...BUT IN THE END, both of us, will be acca holders, while the background (for auditing job) might be irrelevant since we passed exams

same with analysts...accounting , finance, economics, business administration....they all must sit for CFA here, ofc from economics or finance you will be better prepared but in the end, u will be cfa holder

so what i say is, university in business regardless of department, gives you some theoretical knowledge and the business thinking, but since market will make you sit for professional qualifications, it may be little harder process but in the end, you all are the same (after u get title) and all that matter is..how professional you are, your character, your hardworking (or not) spirit

agree , disagree?