Hi, my daughter has got a conditional offer from Warwick for International management but have been told that this course is not so good at warwick, it's much better known for Economics. But her board exams didn't go so well ( am from India ) so she might not get Economics if I change now because the % required is much higher. Any views how does the International Management course compare to Economics i.e faculty, course, future potential etc. Second dilemma Bath, Durham or Warwick. At Bath I have Business adminstration and Economics at Durham

Last dilemma USA or UK , how do the two education systems compare i.e campus experience, future potential, way of teaching, etc
Lots of question so would appreciate whatever help / inputs one can give.

In USA the options she have are
Scripps or Bryn Mawr or Brandeis.
If you dont have much time answer whatever you have some solid views on.

Thanks in advance ..
Confused father :-)