Please explain how receiving an Endeavour Scholarship or Fellowship would make a difference to your personal life. (200 words)

I strongly believe that receiving Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship will help to achieve better career in the future and provide family benefits.

Successful applicant from this scholarship will be more attractive from employers as they can understand the merit-based competition nature. Furthermore, enhanced skills, knowledge and experience from Australia through service-learning, will be globally recognized by employers. From this, the employers can see a difference among the job applicants. At the same time, I can have more selective career that fit for my needs. Additionally, receiving this scholarship will reduce a financial barrier which will allow me to take meaningful work in particular volunteer opportunities and internships that can add value to my degree during study in Australia.

Besides, the scholarship will benefit family in both ways, direct and indirect. During study in Australia, family members can directly benefit to enhance English skills and learn multiple cultures through true environment. Moreover, when returning to home country after graduation, better career received resulted from the scholarship will sustain the family wealth which can also contribute to children education. More importantly, I can fully concentrate to my dedicated job in development without any disruption from family financial burden.