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Thread: Petition for the following posts to be deleted, please.

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    Petition for the following posts to be deleted, please.

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    I want both of these posts need to be deleted because they reveal some personal information that I do not want revealed. I asked for this and was refused numerous times; please reconsider and delete these posts, not just move them to the members-only forum.

    I think I have a right to ask this even though your policy states that you don't 'normally' delete posts upon request, I think in this case, there is a conflict between the right to be forgotten and the right of the Urch forum to retain information deemed helpful for its users. The above posts are causing me occasional anxiety, worry and hopelessness because of worries of identity breach, thus affecting my physical and emotional health negatively. I urge you to strongly consider deleting both posts, especially the second one, which has no replies and thus offers no help to Urch users anyway. The first one which is in the members' forum is still not confidential as the number of members is still quite numerous.

    If I could, I want to ask for help from a lawyer who could advise me on whether my request could in fact be upheld by law, otherwise if the law is strict in its upholding of individual forum rules concerning post deletion and so forth, I would acquiesce. If my request can be legally made a case, then please consider deleting both posts for the sake of my rights.


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    Re: Petition for the following posts to be deleted, please.

    'Cross-posted' to various email and forum posts:

    Edit: The thread has been moved to the 'no search engines' forum.

    Our policy, like that of most reputable websites, is that the person who made the post can edit the post or request that it be edited. For us, this means that you need to log into the account that created the post and make the request from there (following this procedure).

    If you can't show that you're the original poster, for the sake of security, we don't make edits. We also don't delete the first post of a thread with responses because doing so removes the entire thread.

    I did create the 'no search engines' forum some time ago to help in situations like this--the post remains intact, but hidden from the public and from search engines.

    Finally, the post doesn't appear to have identifying information; it doesn't say which universities you (or the actual poster) attended, your name, your home country, where you live, etc. I really don't see the privacy issues for the poster.

    I am sympathetic to privacy issues when they exist, but frankly, you could be anybody, and in one of the posts, the poster said that she or he knew the posts were permanent.
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