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Thread: 054 Popular entertainment is overly influenced by commercial

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    54. “Popular entertainment is overly influenced by commercial interests. Superficiality, obscenity, and violence characterize films and television today because those qualities are commercially successful.”

    Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with this opinion. To support your position, use reasons and/or examples from your reading, your observations, or your experiences as a consumer of popular entertainment.
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    right now i am working on this thesis, for my language class.
    i hope to make it!

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    Erin - if possible pls find time to review my essay - i would not be able to score good in GMAT without your guidance.Pls help.

    That commercial intersts overrules any other factor in deciding popular entertaiment or not is a debatable one . However on the final analysis i would like to stand for the former cause.
    Todays is a money making professional world where everything that sells for a price is sold.And since the entertainment is for the mass it has to follow the there trends .
    In a highly competitive and fast life where there are pressures and work loads from all sides and ther is hardly any time to relax superficiality overrules as far as entertainment is concerned. People are soo overtaxed in there daily lifes by the work loads that they prefer instant enjoymet to taxing there brains . Superficiality thus takes the uperhand in such entertainment. Any programe that can entertain without using mush effort is appreciated. Since the time a person can devote for entertainment is limited it is expected that the interst will shift to a topic that demande lest time and effort to understand.For example a person would prefer to see a light entertainment programe like the "Tom and jerry show" rather than dig deep into a moive that demands a lot of understandi ng such as " Da Vinci code".
    Moreover the present day situation of the world is such that news about obscenity and violance predominates every news chanel thus attracting peoples views and interests in such related topics.For example the Gulf has been a disturbed area for more than a decade bringing to the world news of brutality and blooshed. The brutality of The twin tower case can never be forgotten and related topic tend to take the front seat in todays world resulting in shifting of the iterest of the common mass to violance and it's results. Thus any movie that relates to such issues do spark a sense of interst in the common mass.

    The lifestyle of todays young generation also goes a long way in making supreficlality, obscenity and violance a sort at issue . Call center jobs , access to money though part time jobs at very young age , freedom are a growing trend which help in crossing boundaries which our parents and teachers have taught and falling prey to superficiality , obscenity , violance and related interests.
    To conclude i must say in the fast and furious world of today where every indivijual is too hard pressed for time ,wants to do something different and quests for bigger and different gains the coomercial interst is bound to shift to superficial topics which does nothing more than helping an indivual forget his worries and tensions for some time.

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