I need some suggestions. Folks, please help me.

I am a petroleum engineering graduate. As Job security is volatile in oil gas industry, so what other options available to switch another major? What are the fields available to switch with this specified background? I am planning on pursuing Masters on energy or related concern. I really love the concept of energy. Really passionate about to stay in the energy related field. Now, will you please help me to pick one?

I have few things in my mind. Please share your opinion, experiences with the following points.

1) Energy Related programmes, like Energy Engineering, Energy Technology Where the efficiency and optimization would be major concern (correct me if I am wrong). Can you please tell me anything about the job scenario of energy engineer or energy technologist? What are their major role in industry? Efficiency only?

2) Energy management, Energy Economics. . It's like MBA or MA. However as long as the things are energy related so it would be okay. But this programmes require job experience which I don't have right now.

3) Sustainable Energy. It's completely renewable sector. So would I be able to cope with it with my specified petroleum engineering background?

4) As petroleum engineering is most of about computational technology, so I have extensive knowledge on computational programming languages. I am a problem solver with huge volume of Data. Digitalization is the future of oil & gas and Data Science is the pioneer of this digitalization. So what about pursuing Data Science as graduate study? Data science knowledge would be useful for any kind industry. So I wouldn't have to worry about the ups & downs of industries.
Moreover, please tell me the name of middle-rank universities of US and Canada, who offer masters degree on the above mentioned programmes.

Then, what are the chances of a petroleum graduate will achieve a graduate funding in the energy related masters study? Have you know anyone who had petroleum major in undergraduate but switched to another major related to energy or other concern with full funding? Have anyone switched to renewable graduate study having petroleum background? I would like to get the research assistant type position so that I wouldn't have to worry about financial issues. I am comfortable with research works.

Please share your experience. Moreover, if you can guide me to any other sources where i will find the answer of my all or some queries above i mentioned, i will be really grateful to you.

Thanks for reading the long text.