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Thread: Question about TA/GA Stipends and financial aid

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    Question about TA/GA Stipends and financial aid

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    Is the salary of a TA/GA deducted from a financial aid package?

    For instance, say it costs 25k to attend a university (including room/board/books misc)
    Does a 10k stipend get deducted from the 25k and a student arrives at 15k to be paid.

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    Re: Question about TA/GA Stipends and financial aid

    I'm not really sure what you are asking, but the answer is no. In accounting or finance you should expect full tuition to be covered and a stipend in the 25-35k range on top of that. The stated stipend is on top of your tuition being covered. there is a little variation in what fees you will need to pay and how subsidized health insurance is at the university.

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