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Thread: After MA Econ which school gives better opening to the International dev sector?

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    After MA Econ which school gives better opening to the International dev sector?

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    this forum has been really helpful for gaining insights on colleges. I want to work after my Master in Economics and not directly pursue a Phd (maybe in the future, but not immediately)
    I mainly want to work in the International Development sector and with organizations like World Bank, IMF, UNDP etc.
    I am completing my undergrad in Economics from a very prestigious Indian University. Though my marks are average, my LORs are pretty good.
    I've applied to the following schools and which one do you think will give me a better opening in to the job sector I want to go to:
    UK: 1. LSE 2. UCL 3. Oxford 4. Cambridge 5. SOAS 6. St. Andrews
    USA: 1. Boston University 2. Duke 3. John Hopkins (I dont have much scope to get into US because Indian Undergrads are for 3 years relative to their requirement of 4 year undergrads and they usually prefer work experience before taking on people even for masters. Plus i dont think my GRE is good enough for Hopkins or Duke. But BU I am hoping for. )

    other schools: Toulouse, Hong Kong University and Graduate Institute in Geneva. My main area of interest in Economics is: International economics and development.

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    How come you didn't apply to Barcelona GSE?

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