Hi everyone!
Please look at my profile and tell me your thoughts and feedback. As an International student from quite un-kown university and no MS degree, I am still pretty much on the fence about the whole applying to PhD thing. Do you guys think I have a chance at all on this or am I really just delusional?
Should I just go find a master degree first from a reputable US or at least top European schools then come back later? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

International female student from a Non Popular International University (Though top research one in my country)
major : Pharmaceutical Science | GPA: 3.60
GRE : 322 (163Q159V) | TOEFL: 119/120

Research Experience:
2 years (started as senior thesis and now still working on it as research assistant) - the use of protein cytotoxicity on breast cancer cell (including nanoparticle formulation, antibody conjugation, cell cultures, electrophoresis, etc)
1 summer internship in Serbia - examining substance's anti-genotoxic effect on damaged cells (comet assay)
1 short (5 months) independent group research project on in-vivo test of plant extracts
One publication under review on international journal (middle author) and one paper still on writing stage (probably won't help any)

Government research grant - for the group project
Uni merit-based scholarship for one academic year
Finalist on International chemical product design competition

Pertinent Activities or Jobs:
1 Semester TA in lab
1 month RnD Intern at pharmaceutical company
Currently research assistant in my undergrad uni

I am applying to PhD in these universities:
PennState University - Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Maryland, College Park - Biological Science
Georgetown University - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Florida State University - Cell, Molecular Biology
University of Delaware - Biological Science

Let me know what you think, thanks!