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Thread: Co-authorship with Professor

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    Co-authorship with Professor

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    I am applying for economics and finance phd programs. I have been working with a prestigious professor in finance (Ivy) for the past year. We are close to drafting a working paper (probably expect it in Dec.) in which he and I will be co-authors.

    He is quite convinced that the paper is significant and believes it will be on a top general interest economics journal.
    The problem is the paper concerns timing. Even if it becomes accepted and published in a good journal, it won't be done in time to have a major impact on my admissions.

    I have concentrated much of my effort for the past year in this research and am wondering if I made the right choice solely focusing on this project.

    For clarifications, I did take sufficient math courses and did a masters in statistics. Also he is writing a rec letter for me and sent out his recommendation letter and assessments while I was present.

    Any feedback or opinion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Co-authorship with Professor

    You can post this in the business subforum to get more ideas on the finance side of things.

    This sounds like it was an excellent use of your time. A letter from a well respected professor that talks about your contribution on a project that will have real contribution is incredibly valuable for admissions. I am wondering what you think could have been a better use of your time.

    On top of that, doing research in this much detail should have helped you select schools more efficiently and it lets you know that you really do want a PhD. It also give you something interesting to put into your personal statement. Longer term having a publication in a top journal this early in your career is a great thing as well.

    You should be set up well form this work. No need to worry.

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