Please any-one help me in regarding the selection and chosen of studies program for M. Phil/ MS among the International Relations, Development studies, Sustainable development and project management . Recently I had completed my master degree in International Relations (16 years education) and having four years project based working experience with a local NGO at FATA Pakistan donated by World Food Program. Actually I want to be a permanent part of highly reputed organizations for there official works like UN, World Bank, embassy, academia etc. For such propose want to keeps continue my study but having confusion in selection of discipline because of two things.

1. I am looking for any international scholarship to study abroad. here I preferred to Development studies due to little awareness of and emerging subject in Pakistan. And I think I can little easily get scholarship because of less competition from Pakistan.

2. Most of the concern people and different blogs have the opinion that development studies is very narrow in nature in comparison of International Relations.

3. Sustainable development I think is more best suits UN goals that's why I should take it instead rest of all.

4. I also thinking that project management having more broad nature and scope that fits almost in every organization.

So please someone guide and putt me in a right direction to start preparation for one of the mentions.

Thank you.