I forewent an opportunity at a not-so-quantitative political econ master's program last year to take a year of post-bac classes for credit at an Ivy League university here in the U.S. As an undergrad the first time around, I took enough some of the math prereqs (Calc II (C), Calc III (B), Linear Algebra (A-)). Here are the classes I just finished taking and the grades I received:

Intermediate Microeconomics (A-)
Analysis I (Pass)
Intro. Econometrics (B+)
Advanced Microeconomics (B+)
Intermediate Macroeconomics (A-)
Bayesian Statistics (B)

So- not horrible, but really not so great. I want to go to graduate school in economics or in quantitative political science. This is something I am very sure about, all the more so after doing a year of classes and speaking with many working economists.

I worked for the World Bank as a data science consultant over the course of this year. I am confident that with a couple months of prep I can do extremely well on the quant GRE, and I already have a perfect score on the verbal. For what it's worth, I also code (Python, R, Stata), and I speak Spanish and Arabic. I am not a great test-taker and work best when self-directed or when I have a large project to work on. For this reason I was considering European doctoral programs before I received my grades, in the awareness that the choice would be more likely to lead to a policy career than an academic one. I am about to turn 27 and not sure what my options are.