Hi all,

First post, but I've been lurking for a while. I just graduated from my BSc Hons and I'm taking a year to work and apply for graduate programs for the Fall 2018 term. So far I'm primarily interested in Canadian MA programs (UofT, UBC, Queens, McGill) but I'd like some feedback on my profile to determine whether it's worth it to apply to any top international programs like LSE, UCL or Boston University. If anyone has any tips on applications, or any suggestions on programs that I ought to look into, that would be much appreciated. Here's my details:


Type of Undergrad: Mid-level Canadian research university, with a reasonably strong MA and PhD programs.

Undergrad GPA: 4.06/4.3

*Note: the Canadian GPA system is essentially the same as the US, with an A grade receiving a 4.0, but an A+ grade (above 90) receives a 4.3.

GRE: Still have to write. Reasonably sure I can do well- my fundamental math skills are very good and my analytical writing is superb thanks to beginning my undergrad as a philosophy major.

Math Courses (Undergrad Level):
Calc I-II (A+,A), Statistics I-II (A,A), Linear Algebra (A-), Multivariate Calc for Economics(A+).

Econ Courses (Undergrad Level):
Standard Intro and Intermediate Micro/Macro with A/A+ in all. Labour (A+), Public Finance (A+), Poverty and Inequality (A), Advanced Micro and Macro (A+ in both). Econometrics I-II (A+, A). Bunch of other economics electives with A- to A+ in all (except for a B+ in international finance!!!).

Econ Courses (Grad Level): Took a masters level Health economics course with a well-published prof and received an A+

Other Courses Taken: 7 philosophy courses with A+ to A- grades. A few Poli Sci with A/A-.

LOR: I have commitments for 3 letters. Strong commitment from a very well known prof in my field of interest- Yale grad, visiting prof at Oxford, published 100+ articles and over a dozen books. Another from a reasonably well-known prof who taught me the graduate health course (UBC grad). 3rd is basically unknown but was my honours advisor and knows me very well and will say nice things.

Research Experience: Econometrics term paper, won award for best econometrics paper. Honours thesis (also won award for the best honours thesis). Currently working as a research assistant in the Canadian government.

Teaching Experience: Private tutor for 1 year.

Research Interests: Poverty and Inequality, Public Finance, Population Health, Labour

Concerns: I realize after reading this forum that many top students take many more math courses than I did. I do very well in math, but I elected to pursue a philosophy minor instead. While I do not regret it, since I feel that it's benefited me personally and intellectually, I wish I had taken Analysis. I will almost definitely graduate top 5 in my class, but I feel like that would mean more if I had gotten an A grade in an advanced mathematics course. Hopefully doing well on the GRE will signal that I have math ability.