Hello folks,

I wonder if anyone would have some experience in the MSc Economics at UCL to give me some advice.

I have a double background in Engineering (BSc)/Statistics (MSc) and have been doing the transition to Economics in the past couple of years, through online courses, reading and and internship and my goal is to do a PhD, preferably in a good UK University.

My main area of interest is quantitative analysis of development issues. I have a very solid math/stats background with some considerable experience in Econometrics.

I was accepted to the MSc program at the UCL and I wonder if anyone could give some input on the level of difficulty of the program for someone who comes from a different (and heavily mathematical) background. Is it doable? What are the main difficulties students usually encounter?

The doubt arises because I also have an offer to the Two-Year program at LSE (although I applied for the one-year) and I am having a hard time deciding between the two.