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Thread: PE: Non-Eu for European Msc Economics/Msc Quantitative Economics for PhD?

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    Unhappy PE: Non-Eu for European Msc Economics/Msc Quantitative Economics for PhD?

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    PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Public research university with no ranking in Economics Undergrad GPA: 3.82, Major: 3.75 Type of Grad: - Grad GPA: - GRE: 165V/170Q/4.5AW Math Courses: Calculus I (CR), II (B), Research Methods (B) Online Courses: Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Econometrics: Methods and Applications (Erasmus Rotterdam), Data Analysis for Social Scientists (MITx), Statistics and R (HarvardX), Introduction to Linear and Matrix Algebra (HarvardX). Econ Courses: Principles of Micro, Macro (CR, A), Intermediate Micro, Macro (A,B), Urban Econ (A), Game Theory (A), Law and Economics (A), Introductory Econometrics (A), Managerial Economics (A), Labor Economics (A). Other Courses: Introductory Financial Letters of Recommendation: Professor and Editor of my university's undergraduate research journal, Economics Professor known in regulation economics and game theory (knows me well + informal thesis adviser), Econometrics Professor. Research Experience: Published two journal articles in university's undergraduate research journal, accepted poster presentation in an undergraduate economics conference (2017) sponsored by the FED. Teaching Experience: Volunteer tutoring in calculus and economics tutor for Principles Micro and Macro class. Research Interests: Development Economics, International Economics and Microeconomics SOP: Detailed my interests in research, motivation, preparedness and interest in European masters. Applying to (2018 Winter intake, and preference is in order): LMU Munich, Sciences Po, Toulouse GSE, University of Bonn, Goethe Universitat Frankfurt, University of Cologne, University of Hamburg, University of Vienna, and University of St. Gallen. --- I am applying for a European Msc in Quantitative Economics/Economics with the hopes of training quantitative reasoning and experience diverse perspectives in conducting research prior to applying for a PhD program. I am here to ask for advice or suggestions and input on my profile as I will be applying to masters programs in Europe as a Non-EU applicant. know that I don't have an impressive GPA nor do I have the sit-in math classes in my major to compete with. My econ program isn't too quantitative, and financially, I can't afford to take the math classes necessary to major or minor in math. I also transferred into my university from a community college and time costed me a lot to build an undergraduate record for great recommendation letters or a chance at PhD or masters programs in Economics. Lastly and most importantly, thank you for your time and interest in attending this thread.

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    Re: PE: Non-Eu for European Msc Economics/Msc Quantitative Economics for PhD?

    Have any preference for German speaking universities/regions? If so, check also Humboldt, Bonn, Mannheim, Thubingen. You should give it a try to PSE rather than to Sciences Po. Even Paris-1 is better regarded than Sciences Po for quant econ because of the QEM master programme.

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