Hello! Im applying to economics masters programs in the next few months and I'm curious to see how prepared I am for an advanced degree in econ? I've taken the following courses:

Introductory/intermediate/advanced micro & macro (intermediate and advanced courses covered what you would expect, but very quant-intensive)

Statistics I, II, and III for economists (covering everything from basic probability concepts, to regressions with time series data, to simultaneous equations and two-stage least squares etc etc.)

Mathematical Economics I & II (covering univariate, multivariate calculus, Khun-Tucker, integration, linear algebra, static and dynamic optimization [diff eq] with economic applications)

Advanced Mathematics for Economists (PDEq, topology, dynamic optimization)

Calculus I & II

Applied Econometrics (maximum likelihood, constructing price indices, estimation and forecasting with univariate time series processes etc.)

Econometrics I (the simple and multiple classical regression models, problems of mis-specified structures, multi-collinearity, and forecasting etc...lots of proofs).

What are your thoughts? I know the information I provided is a little sparse, but does it look like I am prepared for an advanced degree in economics? And bonus question...answer if you want..what sorts of schools am I a competitive applicant for given that I received A's in all of these courses and scored a 163 on the GRE quant?

Thank you!