Hi all,

Keen to get opinions on my chances at admission to a master of economics program at top UK schools (Oxbridge / LSE) and the EU (Toulouse, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bocconi etc.)

Undergrad and Honours

  • Studied at the University of New South Wales in Australia (ranked in top 3)
  • Distinction average in economics courses (GPA around 5.5-6 out of 7), major in econometrics
  • 2:1 overall (82%, cut off 85% for 1st class) in Honours year (5 advanced coursework subjects (postgrad/phd level) + 1 thesis), 1st class thesis, ranking was probably around 7/16.

Work experience:

  • 2 years at a top economic consulting firm
  • 2 years in group strategy team for a $10b market cap+ company

GRE score:
90th percentile