Hi all,

I am interested in the field of Development economics and macroeconomics and want to pursue a Ph.D. post, my masters.
I have received admission offers from the following universities for fall 2018.

1. Boston University (MA Economics, 1 year) - $57,000 (tuition)
2. University of Minnesota (MS Applied economics, 2 years) - $50,000 (tuition)
3. UT Austin (MA Economics, 1 year) - $21,750 (tuition after scholarship)
4. Vanderbilt University (MA Economics, 16-24 months) - nearly $30,000 (tuition after scholarship)

Kindly advice me on which university should I opt for masters. I want to know about the following -
1. How are the job placements post masters, i.e., what is the average salary?
2. How easy/difficult it is to go from the master's programs of the above universities to their Ph.D. program?
3. How are the Ph.D. placements of the above universities - where do students go?