Hi everyone.

I found this terrific forum, and I thought that, maybe, I would be able to get some feedback about my current situation.
In short, I have an undergraduate degree in law, from an university in Chile. But what I really expect to do -even regarding what uncommon it could be- is get into a graduate program in economics (Msc or MA) in order to try an application to a phd program in US.

As you could imagine, my academic background has nothing to do with math or Econ; nevertheless, I expect to take this year -I began on January- to prepare myself in math, take some courses at university or college level at the end of this, and the following.

However, I do not know whether my plan it's a whole nonsense or a foolish dream. Therefore, I would be quite grateful if someone could tell me about some options for someone in a situation like mine is, or if know someone who did something similar; also, whether it is not too much to ask, some information about good masters programs that could help me to get that math and Econ background.

Best regards,