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Thread: about academic session....

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    about academic session....

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    Can anybody tell me what is the significance of Three Academic session(like fall, winter, summer)??
    why there are three session in USA??

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    The academic sessions don't have any "significance". Its just a way of demarcating the various semesters in a year according to the season.
    What you need to care about is whether schools follow a trimester pattern (Fall/Winter, Spring and summer) or quarter system (fall, winter, spring and summer)

    As an example, fall semester typically starts in Aug/Sep.

    Hope that helps.

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    There are basically two patterns that the academic calendars of nearly all research universities fall into (although some liberal arts colleges and small schools have been experimenting with different calendars):

    1. The traditional semester system, in which there are two 15-week terms, a Fall Semester that begins in September and runs through January and Spring Semester that runs from late Jan or early Feb through June. (There is also a increasingly popular modification of this system, in which fall semester begins earlier and ends before Christmas break, and spring semester begins in early Jan and ends in May).

    3. The quarter system, with a fall quarter (typically last week in September through Christmas break), winter quarter (first week in Jan through Spring Break), and spring quarter (spring break through the first week in June). Each quarter is about 10 weeks long.

    There is plenty of debate over which is best, and which system is used is the decision of each individual college. The old semester system was popular at state colleges in rural areas a long time ago to give students more time to work harvesting crops in the late summer, and many of these schools have been slow to change.

    The fall term is significant in that it is usually considered the beginning of the academic year and most grad students are admitted for fall.

    As for summer terms, these are typically shorter than normal quarters or semesters and enrollment in the summer is usually a fraction of that during the normal school year - generally grad students are not expected to attend summer sessions (if graduate courses are even available), although grad students often do independent research in the summer or teach undergraduates while all the professors are on vacation.

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    d00d my dad's a prof - and the profs are NOT on vacation. i mean technically they can be - but they usually do RESEARCH over the summer. they can also teach courses over summer vacation.

    of course once i'm a prof ... a good chunk of summer will be beach + sleeping.
    i should be studying instead of posting.

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