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Thread: Ranking of US universities as per EE/ECE (top 50)

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    hi every1,
    I had put this question earlier also..
    In reply I was asked to refer to usnews.com ....But this website lists the top 50 universities without any inidcation to the branch in which
    they excell..
    Moreover the greatest problem is that we can't have the full access to this website free of cost..EE/ECE US universities ranking is there but at cost..

    Can any1 provide me with the list of US unversities based on their excellence in EE/ECE course...

    I shall be very obliged...


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    Well past two years they made the site fee based making many students suffer... You may visit http://www.edulix.com/application/Top50EE.htm to get a different ranking list which also includes USNews ranking and comments.

    Good luck,


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