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Thread: Give GRE scores even when is not required?

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    Smile Give GRE scores even when is not required?

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    Hi all!!

    Im applying to a school that offers both Master and PsyD in Marriage and Family therapy. The school does not require GRE for admission, but im wondering if I should send it anyway (provided I do well on the test)

    Does anyone know if it makes a difference? I want to do everything possible to get into this school since its the only one that offers those programs and that is APA approved.

    Also, this school offers the opportunity of applying to the masters program and then continue on with the PsyD program, or go straight into the PsyD program. Which do you think would be the smartest choice? I feel PsyD will save me time...but then Masters would help me ease into the program....
    Any advice would be really helpful

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    Well yeah, if they're good, you should send them! Anything that flatters you is a good thing.

    I would apply directly to PsyD if you feel you have good odds for getting in (or if they would hand your app down to the Masters program if you weren't admitted). Financially, this is the obvious choice. You probably don't need to be eased into the program - you will have to do the Master's work anyway as part of the PsyD! (Right?)

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