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Thread: Sample Letter to Request Recommendation from Professor

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    My Two Cents Sample Letter to Request Recommendation from Professor

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    I thought this free sample had some good phrases and sentences, which I have put in bold:

    I am applying to Ph.D. programs in linguistics this winter and am writing to ask if you would be willing to write a letter of recommendation in support of my applications. I plan to specialize in Sociolinguistics in English, particularly with respect to gender changes in speech. I would also like to further my understanding of English Syntactic Theory.

    I believe that the two courses I took from you, LING 311 Linguistics and Society (Spring 2001) and LING 403 Seminar in Comparative Linguistics (Fall 2002), have helped me to develop a solid foundation for my graduate studies in linguistics. Our investigation into the complex and fascinating interactions among language, culture, and society planted the seed from which my passion in Sociolinguistics has grown.

    I have included a summary of my academic and professional experience to help you decide whether to recommend me. I plan to apply for autumn, 2004 admission to four schools, and the applications are due in early January.

    Should you decide to recommend me, I will send you a draft of my statement of purpose, copies of my transcripts, my resume, a writing sample, and any other materials you think would help you in the evaluation process. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at (555) 555-0199 or by e-mail at someone@example.com.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Source: Microsoft Office Templates
    BTW, for a discounted price on Microsoft Office 2007, which includes a great program called OneNote, Microsoft has a deal for students for only $59.95:

    The Ultimate Steal presented by Microsoft
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    You should write this letter with better and in a prescribed format to look it more Professional[spammy link removed]
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    For me it is better to find a good format for letters to make your letter more presentable.

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    Those are good phrases but if I read that I wouldn't think you knew me. I would think you were making me do it instead of appreciating it as a favor.

    When you ask for someone to refer you, aren't you suppose to know each other well? I'm aware this is a Microsoft office template. I'm just voicing my concern so as to make any future readers of this post aware. You should write a letter that is both professional and a little bit warm. If it is someone you know, you wouldn't write to them coldly, but this is just my opinion.
    here is an example of something less forward/cold ----> http://smysp.stanford.edu/family/req...etter_rec.html

    also a better format would be something like this:

    123 E. Kansas Dr.
    Hollywood,CA 90210


    Kansas University
    123 E. Kansas Dr.
    Hollywood, CA 90210

    Dear Ms. Jackson:

    (OPENING STATEMENT:state in one or two sentences your purpose of writing to your instructor. for example, "I am writing to you about my college entrance application, etc. etc. etc.")

    (2ND PARAGRAPH: Remind the instructor of who you are and what you did in the class. for example, say what your work ethic was like and what things you might have done in the class.)

    (3RD PARAGRAPH: Give them an idea of what to write based on the documents that you've given them to help you remember who you are and what your accomplishments are.
    For example, "In the Spring of 2012 I had an F in Algebra 2 but made it up the next semester and got an A+. I have done this for 2 other classes." It's good to point out things like that
    because it shows that you can improve and you aren't just a bad worker all the time.Just try and point out good things about yourself because they aren't going to pick up on every one of your good
    qualities, so POLITELY remind them of any achievements or personality traits you might have. this may sound kind of conceited but the more material you give them to work with the better the
    letter of recommendation is going to be.You are basically doing all the thinking for them in this paragraph.)

    Thank them sincerely. remind them in this statement briefly of the due date. and also tell them when you'll check up on them to give a reminder of the due date
    EXAMPLE: "Thank you for your support! The due date [for this letter] is November 5th, but, I will drop by to give you a reminder on the 1st.)



    Your name here

    Source: 3 years personal experience in business academy
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