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Thread: Low GRE scores

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    Unhappy Low GRE scores

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    I just took the GRE in December and also this past week. My scores are quite embarassing. In December I received the following scores: Q: 360, V: 310. Writing: 4. I studied for a month and retook it this past week and the results were even worse: Q: 290, V:410. I was getting a 510 on Q and a 410 on V when I completed practice tests so I'm not sure what happened. I started to get a bit nauseous during the last section this time around, which was the quantitative section, so I don't know if that had something to do with my horrific score. I'm applying to Masters programs in SLP for this fall. One school doesn't require the GRE's which is great but it's not my top choice. I've always struggled with these types of standardized tests (i.e. couldn't break a 1000 on the SAT) and so I'm thinking I should definitely write an addendum on my applications. Those schools that require the GRE are looking for a score of a 1000 or more combined. Some background academic history on me: Bucknell University - GPA: 3.31, Degrees in Psychology and Spanish and followed the Pre-med trackTufts University - GPA: 3.78, Masters in Child DevelopmentI should also add that I took the GRE 5 years ago (so the scores have since expired). My scores were 550 Q, 410 V and 4 on Writing. I'm thinking I will attach a copy of these old scores to the addendum I write up. What do you think?I'm currently working as a project manager in an Autism Research center, managing my own project. I also have previous work experience abroad working with kids on the spectrum. My boss is a renowned expert in the field and has offered to talk to a faculty member at my number one choice which I hope will help considering my current situation. I haven't told her my exact scores because they are just too embaressing. Please send me any thoughts or comments you have. They will be greatly appreciated!

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    I have posted a short reply here:


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    Low GRE Scores

    I have seen so many students ask

    • I have Low GRE scores with High GPA, can I get admission
    • Low GRE and Low GPA
    • High GRE Scores, but low GPA
    There are universities that give admission for low gre scores and also its based on various other factors of your academic profile. You will need to highlight your skills to overcome the low gre scores. If you know what is the average gre scores for different universities, you can apply to schools accordingly. Here's list of universities low gre score

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