Topic: "As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious."


The statement here linking complexity to knowledge playson the experimentation of humans with the strangeness of nature from thefarthest past as we know it. Since ancient times man has been curious about thenature around him. From the invention of wheel till the modern day nuclear weapons,man has been moving forward in the field of science. It is true that when one question isanswered, it gives rise to a number of other questions and so it can be saidthat the field of science is becoming further complex as time passes, but ifone has the true knowledge of the subject, the science becomes simpler. Even inthe midst of complexity, it will be wrong in our part to tell that it becomesincomprehensible.
Considering the field of medicine, in olden days,there were no proper doctors. People relied on so called “witch doctors” tocure them of the disease, which rarely happened. The medicine to which thepatients were treated, especially in the time when “Black Death” was sweepingEurope is a very good example of the backwardness in the people’s knowledge ofmedicine. The so called “doctors” were at a loss in understanding what wasreally happening in the human body and so in the place of curing it they wouldunintentionally put the patient’s life in danger. Whereas today with theadvancement of knowledge, even though it has led us to many other mysteries inthe human body, it has given us more understanding of the human body than theolden days leading to better healthcare, eradication of dangerous diseases like small pox etc.
Even in the field of astronomy, where people used towonder about stars and the lights of the sky has all become clearer due to ourincrease in the knowledge of it. Many of the false superstitions from pastwhich was due to our lack of knowledge in the actual working of nature has beenbanished from the society due to our clearer knowledge of the actual happeningsin the system, which in turn has made our life a lot more meaningful.
As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, It is truethat as we advance, and gain more knowledge more doors of mysterious questionspop up and question our intellectuality, but it has given us more understandingof the human life as we know it thus broadening our horizons and not narrowingit.