Issue Question:
Universities should require every student to take a variety of courses outside the student's field of study because acquiring knowledge of various disciplines is he best way to become truly educated.

My response:
Universities should basically keep a list of courses they provide before the student does their enrollment. This gives the student a brief sum up of what possibilities they can get during their course time.
For a student aspiring any course he/she is recommended to take extra subjects which are out of their field of study. This is usually helpful for the students in the long run of their career. Let the student have a sense of satisfaction that they can get jobs which are out of their field.By giving the student education to varied feild courses the educators are basically creating a batch of students who acquire knowledge not just restricted to one branch but diversified by their application as well as area of intrest.
This is hugely beneficial when students undergo industrial experience.For example let there be a person qualified from a masters in computers and a minors in business. This will allow that person to do a job in the IT sector of any firmthat it has a rudimentery knowledge of. This could be the major life changing factor especially in today's high unemployment rates as this would give an extra touch to his/her resume.

However the students nowadays fail to see this point of veiw by which the syllabus makers do their job. Instead they consider this as extra work to be done during their studies. By not giving attention to that subject they ultimately fail in it degrading their moral. This could be the inly drawback for students who considers these extra courses not essential. For instance take a person who is aspiring core computers branch but have to also study useless (to him/her) courses which are not going to be helpful in the future even remotely. This would lead to less attention paid in the sujects of intrest.

So basically students have to consider all future aspects of their decisions taken by them during the selection of their courses. This would provide them with great boon or would just be degradation to their current performance.

Thanks in advance