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Thread: Please criticize : "People in positions of power------- "

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    Please criticize : "People in positions of power------- "

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    Am I in progress Acri? I'm waiting for your criticism eagerly.

    "People in positions of power are most effective when they exercise caution and restraint in the use of that power."
    When a child takes life in earth, he starts acquiring normal human behaviour. As he grows, and his mind starts grasping knowledge from the environment he starts to crave for power. The form of power is defined by his society. It may either be in form of physical strengh as in a primitive society or in modern society it may be in form of dominance in economical aspects and social aspects. He may either realize that the caution and restrain in the use of power increases it's effectiveness or he might not realize the fact at all. The position of power can be taken as a form of physical energy. It increases like potential energy from exercising the caution and restraint in using that power.
    The position of power is like air trapped in air-filled baloon. The more one tries to press the air-filled baloon, the more are the chances that air releases with a burst. A person need not be cunning or observant to know this fact. There are many cases of kings and rulers being murdered in history just because they tried to practice their position of power to the extent they liked, untimed,uncautioned and unrestrained. And on the other hand even in present age when the dogma of “superiority from birth” has got just no value, many hereditary rulers are being revered as gods. They use their power when it is needed with caution, impeccably for the good of their society’s needs and desires.They keep their position of power restrained at other times. Such proper use of position of power always increases the potentiality in it.
    Few months back in Nepal, people came out in streets in various rallies. They were out on streets to protest against the king’s overuse of power. If the king had practiced the restrain in power at initial stage then the situatuion would not have lost the tractability. But as his government thought of using all the power to dominate people’s opinion even the curfews issued were not enough to hold back people pouring to streets. The use of excessive power has dwindled the king’s power. The government fell down finally.
    In any type of sport even a sportsperson’s internal energy or power is retained in less important times. In the climax like striking goals, sprinting last few meters in marathon etc. it is used with all that is left in person’s body. This proves most effective for sports.The sports person bearing such character are feared by opponents.
    When the position of power is rest on somebody, others peoples around have psychological feeling that the power can be used on them. A certain fear resides there. The awe due to the restrained power always increases due to cautioned and proper use. But if that power is used time and again then the fear factor is lost because after bearing the power’s tyranny there is nothing more to have fear of. The overuse, uncaution and unrestrainment in the use of power give way to fearlessness. This fearlesness finally leads to ineffectiveness.

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    Good examples. Try to develop the other side too.
    The very first line should have been, "When a child takes life on earth".
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