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Thread: Unofficial Scores - Accurate?

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    Unofficial Scores - Accurate?

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    I took the GRE today. I am surprised by the quant score. On the Powerprep, I got:
    610 V / 680 Q
    600 V / 730 Q

    On the real thing, I got
    650 V / 630 Q

    I'm shocked. I took the Quant research section and am wondering, this didn't impact my score at all did it?

    Has anyone else had such a large drop from the Powerprep to actual Quant score?

    Have the unofficial scores ever been inaccurate? I'm so confused right now...

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    Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. There's a lot of luck involved on the GRE (and other tests), and sometimes, scores vary wildly between the PowerPrep and the official GRE. If it's feasible to do so, consider taking the GRE again.

    Good luck with everything, and keep your spirits up.

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