Hi folks,

My name's Ralph and I've lurked on this forum for a while. I finished my GREs over the summer and wrote a quick app to help me do mental math. I was a math major for my undergrad and masters, but I really suck at doing calculations in my head. I mean, I'm really bad -- especially when I'm stressed for time. I constantly do things like 6x6=32 just because I'm rushing. Or mess up 145-92.

Sure, they have a calculator on the new GREs but I highly suggest *not* using it for all but complex decimal calculations. It's poorly designed, at takes longer to use than mental math (and you need those seconds)...

Anyways, this app is free (Link to MathBot on Apple's store: App Store - MathBot) -- so hopefully this doesn't come off as spammy! I was really hoping for some criticism (on the forum) and any other things that would help.