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Thread: Free GRE resources

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    Free GRE resources

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    Powerprep software: this gives you practice tests directly from the ETS, timed and untimed.
    From the ETS website: Practice book, Math Review, Math Conventions, Intro to Quant, Intro to Verbal, Overview of the Analytical Writing.
    Magoosh: their website gives you free questions and free videos explaining things. They also have free ebooks: general, math, verbal. They have the option to upgrade to get access to more things, but you can use the free options. You do need to register to have access to the free resources.
    Manhattan: Iíve heard from multiple sources they have are the best. They give you one free practice test.
    GRE question a day: they will send you a daily question to your email, but you can also browse questions from previous days. I like it because it gives you an explanation to the questions if you get them wrong.
    Princeton Review: Iíve heard their practice are very easy compared to the real thing, but you can take a free practice test. It might still be helpful.
    Virtual Math Lab help for the GRE: This gives you tutorials for all the math concepts covered in the GRE.
    My GRE tutor: covers information about all the sections of the GRE.
    Number2: Provides you with practice questions and explanations.
    Powerscore GRE prep: they have free online seminars as well as other GRE info and even info on graduate schools.
    Vocabtest: this site helps you learn vocabulary and lets you create your own vocab tests.
    Kaplan practice test: donít know how good it is, but itís a free practice test!

    This list is definitely not complete, if you do a google search there will be lots of resources, but I think this is a good and helpful list.
    Feel free to add resources you think are good! Good luck!

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    Re: Free GRE resources

    Hi there,

    A new test preparation software is already here!

    You may check out https://www.preped.com/

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    Re: Free GRE resources

    I haven't seen Preped in the list, been using it for quite some time now

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