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Thread: Need a partner to study for the GRE

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    Need a partner to study for the GRE

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    Hi everyone,

    Here I'm again coming back after more than 5 years. I took the GRE back in 2011 and got admitted to the school of public health I wanted to be admitted. Now , I want to apply for physician assistant program here in Chicago and NEED to start preparing for the GRE again. My goal is to take it somewhere in July 2017. I got some free resources from the internet and the public library.

    Kindly, if anyone is interested in studying or at least reviewing with me , shoot me a message here. I'm kind of making myself available to kick this GRE again . All of us are busy with tight schedules at work and personal life but it is doable .

    Zaynab Kadhem

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    Re: Need a partner to study for the GRE

    Hi I am interested. I wanted to take during the same period As I am also wanted to apply fo PA. My email ID is mekala77@gmail.com. Shoot me an email if you are interested

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