I'm new to the community, but was told this could be a good place to get feedback and view related posts to what I'm looking for.

I've taken quite a few practice Issue and Argument tasks, and I've been using the ScoreItNow! service provided by ETS. I'm just not sure how exactly that auto-analyzer works and I know on the real GRE, a human grader also reviews it, but with only these scores to go on, I still don't know exactly where I stand on AWA, or what I need to work on.

I've attached a 3 of my responses. One graded a 3, one a 4, and one a 5. The 3 I thought was one of my better ones, and the 5 one of my worst.

AWA Responses (Looking for Feedback).zip

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I still have a couple weeks, so I'll keep working and looking at example responses, but another set of eyes I think would be invaluable.