Would anyone be willing to grade my GRE essay using the GRE rubric? I would like some constructive feedback on what to improve. This was my first practice essay and writing isn't my strong suit so no need to tell me that my essay isn't the best. I would love if you would be willing to let me know of any pros and cons I didn't think about in regards to answering the prompt. The prompt and my essay response is below. Looking forward to your feedback!

Prompt: A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.
Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider the possible consequences of implementing the policy and explain how these consequences shape your position.

Having a basis of an education is a statement that everyone argues. As a nation, students should not be required to have a universal curriculum until they enter college.

Individuality is a characteristic that is highly valued in American society. Why should education be treated any differently? Having the same curriculum across the nation does not benefit a student. If anything, it is crippling them. Each person has a different way of learning and processing information. If we were to implement this national curriculum, it would be a huge disservice to students who are intellectually more advance, and the same could be said for students who are not as intellectual advanced. They would not be getting challenged in their courses or they may not be able to comprehend the material being taught.
In addition, they are not getting exposure to the other possibilities. This national curriculum would fail in encompassing all of other areas of interests such as music, art, and theater that education should be exposing them to make them a happier, more successful being in society.

On the contrary, having a national curriculum would aid in the fact that everyone would have the same common knowledge when they enter college. The education system would be standardized, and when the time did come to go to college, everyone would be on an equal playing field.

A universal education curriculum should not be implemented for students.