In some countries older people are being encouraged to work longer and not to retire. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working beyond retirement age.

In some nations the aged people are allowed to work beyond the age of retirement. But the decision has both flip and flop sides to it. This essay examines both the sides of it.

One hand, firstly, employer gets an opportunity to retain the most experienced work force, which generally has capability to make right decision, achieve perfection in the work and meet targets quickly compared those by youngsters. Secondly, the employee gets a chance to earn for a longer time span which in turn helps himself and his family financially. Thirdly, on a personal note, it allows an individual to quench his thirst for wanting to achieve more and contribute more instead of leading a slothful life after retirement. For instance, the decision has helped one my aged colleagues to financially support his son on higher education, which otherwise would not have been possible.

On the contrary, it is not a good idea, since, in most of the cases people would have become lethargic to work as they have hardly anything left to be accomplished in life. Additionally, at old age it is very common for a person to be in bad health, which might get worsened further due to work, causing a concern to the employer and also his family. Also on one hand, aged employees are generally over confident, at times rude and are more prone to issuing orders than to follow them. On the other hand youngsters who are new to the profession and not seasoned to deal tough people might find it difficult to with the veterans.
In retrospection, the decision of removing the cap over the retirement age has both positive and negative aspects. It should be left at individualís discretion, to be able to choose what suits best for him or her.