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Thread: 670 (q-43, v-39, awa-5)

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    670 (q-43, v-39, awa-5)

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    Practise Test Results - in order of taking them:
    Official Test 1: 690
    Princeton online Test 1: 650
    Kaplan CD Test 1: 630 (my score were getting lower every time)
    Official Test 2 (day before GMAT): 740

    My revision consisted of about 1.5 hours per day for about 8 weeks. I work long days and tried to do more at the weekends but generally stuggled to find the motivation, although I did get a practise test in every 2 weeks. For the AWA section I did 2 practise essays for each in the week before the exam, nothing in advance of that.

    I used three books:
    OG 11
    Kaplan Premier Program
    Princeton Review

    I went through them in the order; OG, Princeton, Kaplan. If I could do it again, I would start with Princeton as it has some great advice... I had a much better understanding of the question content after reading this. It's sentence correction revision was very helpful for me, although I felt it lacked in the maths. OG is a good followup as it gives you real questions to get to grips with, and gives the maths content in much better detail... it's also definitely important to go through the workings of each answer, as it's only when you put the maths principles in context that they fully make sense. Kaplan was OK but I thought the content was quite different in style to the real GMAT... and I found the practise exam very boring.

    Overall, the final exam took me by surprise. The quant and the verbal were much tougher than I expected. The official tests were definitely at a lower level of difficulty... or maybe I ws just unlucky with the questions i was given? I don't suffer from nerves so I was very relaxed in there. The AWAs were both fairly straightforward. The verbal next was tough. There were many questions that I narrowed it down to 2 answers but found it very hard to make a final decision. The sentence correction questions were particularly like this. The quant was also hard... I was expecting my final score to be higher than 43 as the questions that I was getting were all like the last ones in the book... i.e. hardest.

    A couple of annoying points about the exam... the paper was laminated and we were given marker pens. Didn't like that at all. Also, people were doing different exams in the same room and the keyboards were noisy... the guy next to me was seriously doing my head in with loud rapid typing while I was doing my quiet quant and verbal!

    Overall, I was hoping to get a 700 (especially after my final practise test) but my work experience makes up fo it so my score is good enough for my requirements anyway.

    Good luck to you all.

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    My Notes...

    Forgot to add these..
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    thanks man for the debrief...I have about 6 weeks to D day...kinda worried after reading your post, anyways ill do my best...gluck

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