Hi all,
Am a fresher over here! . Please forgive me if I am wrong anywhere in the text below.

I want to tell you what I did for my GMAT and would then need your help.

For the Q section I never studied anything, I just started giving tests of princeton and ETS in the last 15 days . When in the last week I read Kaplan that if you r doing good in some section then brush it up, it was then that I realised that I should atleast see the maths section text from Kaplan...though it was not of any use...my scores in the princeton tests varied between 48 and 51 and the ETS tests were 50 and 48. So all in all I would say that I scored somewhat I was scoring in this section. Though I believe that Q was TOUGH by any standards in the GMAT.

Verbal, I was DEVASTATED...I had an avdg of 35 in all the tests but I believe today (23rd Oct) was not a great day...I got up from the wrong side of bed...may be that is why I found Q tough as well. I fully focussed on my verbal from day one (around 2 months)...but I think I was never good enough.

HELP that I need NOW.
I am not planning for any of the US schools for MBA even if I go there it will be for PhD. I will have 1.5 years of full time work-ex (AT&T Wireless's company in India) and now into my own business. I also have a 3 year part time work ex (for which I will be taking a recco. as well from a VERY HIGHLY placed and RESPECTED professional in India).
My motive for life is clear and my highly paid job which I left after an year was a part of my plan.
I will be going for my PhD as I want to teach back here in India, teach students who are frustrated in life (doing MBA just for the heck of it and from 'any place'). Now please tell me what are my chances to go for a PhD in US or Queens in Canada or Oxford and Cambridge in UK. I understand my scores are too low but I want to get into these schools (university's) becuase that can really propel my case for teaching anywhere in India.

The other road to my destination would go via a MBA in Asia Pacific region and then after working for 2-3 more and gaining more experience in the kind of teaching I want to get into,I would go for my fellowship again.

Please help me in knowing my chances. I really understand my chances of getting into a Decent B school (for PhD or for MBA in that matter) are really less but then I have a solid SoP and most probably 3 very very good recommendation.

My study background is a good University Engineer with 70% marks(approx.). NOT IIT's.