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Thread: TOEFL-iBT scores

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    TOEFL-iBT scores

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    Hi everyone,
    I got my Toefl-ibt score today.....i am happy at last after taking TSE for 3 times and still could get only 45..............my toefl scores are as follows

    Reading 25
    Listening 26
    Speaking 27
    Writing 28

    I was surprised to see the result, i just took this exam after being frustrated by TSE, as i could not get 50, which has seriously hampered the chances of getting a job. Now atleast i can dream of working in the near future as i have done atleast cleared the requirements

    All the best for everyoen who i stalking the exam in future. I would suggest as an alternative to TSE, but only problem i that u need to be patient for 4 hrs for the exam
    Once again thanks for all the group members who have been very helpful in helping each other


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    CONGRATULATIONS! Ramesh what an accomplishment. I was thinking if you can share some pointers,opinions and comments on how to get those respective scores.I also took the ibt last sept 24 and got 68 it seems i failed the exam even though theres no official score available (CGFNS).Speaking test was a disaster for me unlike ielts i got 7 in the speaking test.I would like to know if tse preparation has the great impact to get a high score in your speaking test in ibt.Any recommended review materials ....I really need your help

    toefl candidate

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    Great score Ramesh! Congratulations.

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