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Thread: Technical Questions for Interview? (Finance PhD)

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    Smile Technical Questions for Interview? (Finance PhD)

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for the informative site! I found it by chance this afternoon; I cannot help but browsing it till now (: Still I got one question unanswered. As the interviews approaching, I would love to know how (or if) you were asked about technical questions, and would appreciate it if anyone could share their previous experience, especially interview questions asked. Thanks!!

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    Re: Technical Questions for Interview? (Finance PhD)

    It's funny, this question seems to come up every year for finance. You can probably find answers if you search long enough, but there is no harm in asking.

    There was a user on here named hedgequant that wrote about two interviews he had. One that asked something about first order stochastic dominance and it's applications and the other that was more interested in big picture questions. So at least some finance programs do ask technical questions, but most don't. They are more interested in your motivation for a phd and the broad questions that interest you. Your technical ability is more observable from transcripts and test scores.

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