Age-34 Male
Undergrad GPA 'A' in US scheme (WES) (north of 3.75 I guess)
Grad GPA in 'A' US scheme (WES) (close to 4)
MS (By Research) in Finance from a top national institution - GPA 9.30. Wrote a thesis and have 4 decent publications
PhD Finance (almost done) from a top national institution. Will have a paper before I graduate.
Professional qualifications in both financial and management accounting
Undergrad and grad degrees in law with emphasis on business laws.
LORs from professors (3 finance 1 accounting - All researchers)
GRE 163 V 159 Q 4.5 AWA
Could someone kindly evaluate my profile and recommend schools where I stand a chance?
Except analytical I am comfortable with any form of research, empirical or experimental.
Thank you so much.