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Thread: Profile Evaluation: PhD Marketing

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    Question Profile Evaluation: PhD Marketing

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    Hi guys, I would like to ask if you could kindly evaluate my profile for me please? I would like to apply for PhD in Marketing (consumer behavior track. It would be great if I could receive some feedback on how I could improve my profile to enhance my competitiveness.
    I received my bachelor degree in business administration and master's degree in management.

    Test Scores (GMAT/GRE):GRE: V: 159 (83%) Q: 167 (93%) AWA: 3.5 (43%)
    Undegrad GPA: 3.9/4.0
    Graduate GPA: Distinction
    Research Experience: 1.5 years of RA
    Work Experience: half a year

    Concentration Applying to: Marketing (CB)
    Number of programs planned to apply to:
    Dream Schools:
    NYU, Berkeley, Northwestern, Stanford, Chicago, Columbia
    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: PhD Marketing

    more information might be helpful? from which tier is your undergrad and/or grad program located? what is your research output?

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