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Thread: Profile Evaluation: Strategy

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    Profile Evaluation: Strategy

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    Sorry for a bit of non-specifics. I'm (1) a little early in the process (perhaps too early for applying this year) and (2) not super keen on revealing my information. I embedded a few questions in italics that go beyond just evaluating my overall profile as presented.

    Test Scores
    I intend to take the GMAT. I took the GRE once years ago for a different program and was really disappointed with my Quant score of 161. 166 Verbal. 6 Analytical Writing, though no one cares.

    Undergrad GPA:
    3.9 at first school (prestigious); transferred to Generic State (non-flagship) for non-academic reasons and graduated 4.0 there; Accounting major; won an academic award from the College of Business

    Graduate GPA:
    4.0 in Strategic Management from a no-name school

    I had an above-4.0 GPA at a pretty prestigious law school (4.0 scale; A+ is awarded in exceptional circumstances), but did not finish because I did not want to be a lawyer. Would it be worthwhile to complete the degree? I was a little more than halfway done.

    One concern about looking uncommitted: not only did I not finish the JD, I also went to grad school when I was only 19 and withdrew before getting any grades because I had a, "Why am I in grad school at 19?" moment and needed to pause. Add that to me having transferred as an undergrad, and I worry if I look like a risk.

    If I went back, would it make sense to get research/publication experience in law, even though that isn't my field? Or would that make me look like I have no true passion, and will just do whatever?

    Research Experience:
    I've been an RA twice for law professors. Both were "grinding." One was reading contracts, pulling the relevant part, and coding it in Excel. The paper won a major award in the legal field, but I have literally nothing to do with that beyond having my name mentioned as one of tons of RAs. The other was analyzing cases for a new edition of perhaps the most recognized textbook in a specific subset of business law. I know that impact matters in research experience, and I can't claim any of that in mine.

    The capstone project for my master's was a glorified lit review that designed new research, but rather than implementing it, hypothesized what would happen based on the past literature. I would not expect this to be important to my application, though it is specifically on one of my research interests in Strategic Management, so would at least help my personal statements to discuss.

    Teaching Experience:
    I was a TA in accounting for two semesters and had two sections of recitations. I also held office hours and did individual tutoring. While in law school, I jointly designed and TA-ed a law training program for undergrads with an MBA professor. I also taught in the public schools, which I doubt is even germane enough to mention here.

    Work Experience:
    None very relevant, not that it seems any truly is. Tons of irrelevant volunteering and pro bono service, too.

    Assume my letters will be inconsequential.

    In summary: an evaluations of my profile would be appreciated, as would any input on whether this profile is made better by finishing the JD (and, if so, if RA/TA positions in law would matter at all).

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: Strategy

    Sorry to bump my own thread, but I was hoping someone might have input—and if not, could at least tell me what information would help them.

    My GRE percentiles were 79th quant and 97th verbal, which I realize I omitted. I'm hoping my GMAT quant score is better, but I anticipate from practice that it will again be lopsided.

    I am no longer considering a return to law school, having spoken to some J.D.-into-Ph.D. students.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation: Strategy

    We don't have a ton of strategy people on here which is part of the reason that you probably haven't seen a response yet. I generally try to avoid speaking for other subjects, but I'll at least hopefully get the comment train started.

    Your profile seems OK. Nothing about it says top 10. I'm not really up on the strategy literature, but I know some people who are in strategy programs. Your profile looks competitive to those in the top 50. It seems like you may still be young, so you have some time to figure stuff out. Your previous research experience is null, but that's fine. A lot of people on here start with little to no research experience. Outside of the top 25 it's not incredibly rare to see applicants without any.

    You're largest weakness is going to be your lack of research experience and inconsequential LOR's. If you have the time and money, I would suggest trying to get into an RA position with a professor and hold off for applying for a year. If you got some research experience I'd say you'd be competitive at a top 20 program. As is, and let me place the huge caveat here that I'm not in strategy, you're likely looking at top 50.

    Hopefully we can get a strategy person on here who will help you out. I'm guessing the advice you'll get is to get some research experience though.
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