So I want to apply to marketing programs in CB. I was never a good student but recently i learned how to learn per se. i also grew very passionate about research. I am currently completing my second masters. Here is my profile:

UGPA: 3.2/4 (bachelors in marketing from an average international school in asia)
First Grad Degree: 3.4/4 (professional masters in management t20 european school)
Second Graduate Degree (business research-type degree from an average american school): 3.93/4
GMAT: 740 (49Q41V)
Research Experience: 4 months working on a dashboard for a project (did not do much work there)
currently working with a professor on a neuromarketing research project for a big company that will result in a white paper.

I really want to do research but I think my profile is pretty week for any decent university (was aiming t50) not really considering less than t75. is it a huge long shot?

schools Iím looking at:
georgia state
michigan state
temple (i reaaaaallly want to go there they do amazing work in neuromarketing)
hec france
arizona state
texas a&m
u florida
Emory (dream school)