I am planning to apply this winter for admission in Fall 2018 to a finance PhD program.

Undergraduate degree from highly ranked NW state school (finance), cum laude. First year (single variable) calculus.

Law degree from same school (T30), top 30%
GMAT 780, Q51.

Since graduating law school, have worked in a position utilising both legal and business skills. In a role equivalent to associate corporate counsel at a large non-profit organization.

Recently, I've taught myself diff eq and enrolled in courses in mathematical reasoning (pre-qualification for real analysis) and linear algebra at the same school I graduated from. I plan to take additional courses in multivariate calculus, real analysis, linear algebra, and statistics/probability before enrolling (but too late to have grades for applications). I have basic R and Python skills and am working at improving upon those

I know my lack of formal math courses will hurt me, although I think my GMAT score and enrollment in math courses will help mitigate that somewhat.

What are my chances at the top 10 schools? Top 25? Top 40?