Hi all, I'm applying to accounting PhD programs this fall.
I would greatly appreciate any comment/feedback.

Here's little about me:

Undergrad: 3.84 at top 3 liberal arts college (econ major, stat minor)
Grad: currently at 3.82 MAcc
GMAT: 770 (Q51/V42)
Work experience: None
Research experience: None
Courses Taken: Linear algebra, Differential Eq., Calc 3, 2 semesters of econometrics, 3 semseters of stats

Concentration: Managerial

Schools Planning to Apply:
MSU, Temple, Pittsburgh, UPenn, UWashington; Duke; USC; Texas A&M, UTD, UWinsconsin, NYU, UArizona, Harvard, Columbia, Drexel, UC Berkeley, UMich, UToronto, OSU, UBC, UC Irvine, Georgetown, UChicago

My biggest weakness in my profile is definitely having no research experience or even a hint of interest in research. I'm trying to take either Current Issues in Managerial Accounting or Econometrics course (both offered at PhD level) this fall to make up for that. Which course do you think I should prioritize?

Another concern is having relatively weak letter of recommendation. I plan to ask three of my professors but only one is research active and the other two are adjunct.

With this profile, is my school list on right track?

Any help or advice would be great.