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Thread: Accounting phd research types and articles

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    Accounting phd research types and articles

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    Hi all I'm going to be applying here soon for 2018 entry into an accounting program. I don't have research experience so the different styles of research are unfamiliar to me. I think I would like empirical and a financial or managerial focus because I love statistics but I'm still unsure and want to really narrow my goals before I apply.

    I would ask accounting student or graduates if you could share articles you've enjoyed over your studies from different areas and methods. I've read a few articles but I don't know really how to differentiate methods of research so I'm just picking random titles and reading. If anyone could please put the article name where or how to access the article and research method it would greatly help me and maybe other prospective students.

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    Re: Accounting phd research types and articles

    Accounting research can broadly be split into three methods and four topical areas.

    The methods would be:

    Topical areas would be:
    Financial/capital markets

    So you basically have a 3x4 matrix of types of research. Pretty much across all topical areas, archival is the most common research method. Experimental/behavioral is probably most prevalent in managerial and audit, and less prevalent in financial and tax. Analytical is probably most prevalent in managerial.

    I am not sure what you've already read, but I'd probably start with some review papers. Review papers can help you find other papers that you might be interested in reading.

    In tax the most recent comprehensive review paper is "A Review of Tax Research" by Michelle Hanlon and Shane Heitzman, there is also a recent review paper on tax avoidance research by Jaron Wilde and Ryan Wilson titled "Perspectives on Corporate Tax Avoidance: Observations from the Past Decade."

    In audit the most recent comprehensive review paper is "A Review of Archival Auditing Research" by Defond and Zhang. As the title suggests, this does not cover behavioral/experimental work, someone may be able to chime in and give a suggestion for a review paper that covers that area.

    You may find this website helpful as well: What is accounting research? - PhD Prep Track

    It provides some suggested readings by topical area.

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    Re: Accounting phd research types and articles

    Taxphd covered it well. I recommend reading through everything on that link he shared.

    The journal of accounting and economics had had several good review articles. I also recommend one on earnings quality by Dechow, Ge, and Schrand.

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